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Melbourne & Concrete Playground

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"This is better than sky-diving, the most amazing experience" - Sim Anth 

Melbourne's greatest Break-room.

World's First Splash Room

Smash a TV, computer or our most expensive dinner plate's. Splash paint & literally paint the wall's in our splash room.

Whats A Smash Room?

This is one of the funnest and most satisfying experiences you will come across! Our Smash rooms allow you to throw glassware, swing bats and sledgehammer TV's into oblivion! With a range of weapons, breakables and full safety gear this is the place to unleash the fury, destress and re-balance. 

  • One person in the room at a time. 

  • Friends can see the action through a window and take snaps

  • Blast your favourite music through our individual sound systems

  • Special items available to purchase

What's A Splash Room?

Your very own paint party! Experience Melbourne's very first splash room. Paint the wall red, green and blue by throwing or batting paint balloons, whipping cups of paint or using your hands and brushes to express yourself. Invite your friends and up to three people can enter. All protective wear provided. Get messy, colourful and creative without cleaning up.

  • Up to 3 people in the room at a time (Minimum of 2 people)

  • Get creative to your choice of tunes

  • Up to thirty minutes to bring your masterpiece to life

  • Take a picture of your glorious creation afterward

Corporate Event

Christmas parties, Birthday, Or Large group's

Try something new! We can cater up to 40 people. Four large smash rooms and spacious surroundings for catering or cooling off after all the fun

  • Catering options

  • large spacious area

  • Perfect for groups


Splash Room & Smash Room



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50, $100 or $150 options 



Tel. 0499 633 080

37 Edward St Oakleigh



Friday 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

      Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Sunday 11:00 am- 6:00 pm 







Smash Room 16 Years +

Splash Room All Ages (Minimum of 2 people)

Please wear full length pants and closed shoes for your session. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave if you do not adhere to the safety rules.